20+ Awesome Bedroom Sets With Drawers Under Bed

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Wall Color. This is very important because the color of the walls is a hallmark to a modern bedroom. Think outside the box and consider the new neutral shades of greens and grays. These create a soothing background for contemporary bedrooms that is more interesting and trendy than boring shades of beige. Another option is red, a daring choice that works well with the Asian themes that founded the modern bedroom designs of today. In case you decide not do that step, you can opt for the color that is currently on your walls. Even if it is just plain white, the selections that you make for the rest of the room can make almost any color workable.

Take away everything that is not supposedly in your bedroom. Yes. That includes your computer. Your workplace should go elsewhere. Anything that will distract you from relaxing, rejuvenating and making love should be out of the picture. This means that your hamper for dirty clothes must find a new home. Anything that spells ugly, messy and stinky should go.

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